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Changshu Tak Yi Non - woven Machinery Co., Ltd

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A professional non-woven equipment in the development and production and operation of enterprises. Main  business: air into the network, hard cotton oven, coconut brown pad;  company employees to enter this industry has been close to two decades,  has accumulated rich experience in design and manufacturing, product  research, development and upgrading to the same industry The  world's advanced level as the goal, with strong technical strength and  production strength as the basis, with reliable product quality and  reasonable sales prices and improve after-sales service for business  purposes.

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Honest and trustworthy, quality first; customer first, dedicated service;

Business philosophy:

People-oriented, scientific management; sincere cooperation, mutual respect;

Mixing box

 On the cotton box storage volume controlled diameter of 100mm 

 Forward to the cotton, flexible grip, open thugs diameter 200mm

 Under the  cotton box with a pressure fan, resulting in positive pressure

 Control the  frequency conversion motor, change the speed to the cotton roller

High - speed needle machine

 Spinning machines use sections with triangular or other shapes

 And punctured on the edge of the fiber

 The hook on the needle will drive the surface of the mesh

Ordinary nonwovens production line

 The unit produces hard cotton is a substitute for sponges

 Hard cotton oven with stainless steel chain plate structure

 The surface of the packaged product is smooth and complete

 Production line combined unit process

Independent research and development team

More  than 20 R & D team to develop products with international  standards

The precise process ensures the high quality of the product

From  raw materials to finished products, a total of 10 standardized  production processes

Years of focus on non-woven machinery R & D production and sales

German Arts  and every non-woven machinery are tailored according to customers

All materials imported, more stable performance

Germany and  Germany non-woven machinery used in Japan

The most reasonable nonwovens mechanical system match

German art  research and development team for each model must first be computer  simulation

Tailored for you the most professional, the most effective solution!

The  establishment of a sound after-sales service system, eliminating the  customer's worries

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